Our story is slightly different from most traditional agencies – and that makes all the difference!
We started out as clients on the lookout for the right digital agency. Our social media budget kept
soaring, but the results kept dwindling. After multiple rounds of failure, we decided to take
charge of our social media marketing. 

With a bunch of engineers and creative designers on the team, we cracked the art and science behind social media success. We did an extensive study of the human psyche and the cognitive biases that drive people’s social media behavior and started applying it to our content. In a matter of months, our social media was buzzing with increased engagement, eventually resulting in increased sales.

This thoroughly delightful process led us to find our passion for storytelling through impactful visuals, and that’s how OrangeTag was born! We are a team of social media aficionados simplifying the daunting yet inevitable world of social media for organizations and brands sailing in the boat that we were in not too long ago.